Our Process

Our team’s process is organized and streamlined to ensure nothing “falls through the cracks.” From providing a solid pre-approval to requesting the necessary client documentation, we start the loan process with a strong foundation, eliminating issues further down the road.

1. Say Hello

We start the process by discussing your financing goals, getting you pre-qualified and presenting you with financing options.

2. Application

With a helping hand from your loan officer, you will complete a loan application to start the process. You can do this online or in person.

3. Documents

You will need to provide your loan officer with all supporting documentation such as your most recent bank statements, w-2’s, paystubs and tax returns.

4. Appraisal

We have teamed with a licensed 3rd party appraiser to evaluate the home you’re financing. This is meant to verify the worth of your current home or the home you are buying to ensure the proper programs and loan amount are presented.

5. Underwriting

Our skilled team of Underwriters will review your file to ensure that you qualify. Underwriting is done in-house, giving our team full control over the transaction to ensure a smooth process.

6. Conditional Approval

Congrats, you’ve been approved with conditions. Your processor will work on getting these conditions cleared which may require additional information from you.

7. Final Underwriting

The Underwriter will review your loan once more to verify all conditions have been met. Once the loan is clear to close, your processor will order your loan documents.

8. Closing

It’s time to sign! Once the documents you signed are received by our in-house funding department, they will review the documents one last time and condition for any additional information needed (missed signatures, receipt of funds to close, etc.).  When closing conditions have been met, our funding department gives escrow the authorization to record & disburse.


Your loan has been recorded!